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Make Your Virtual Staffing Easier With TransVisionary Solutions

Posted on: May 18, 2009

Virtual Staff

Best Virtual Staffing

Employees toil from nine to five,

The boss is working when they arrive

And he works till late just to survive.

If you are overworked, you may become careless and forgetful – and the same is true of your employees, even though they don’t work the long hours you do.You can increase the efficiency and revenue of your business, and decrease workload and expenses by delegating some of the functions of your business to a TransVisionary Solutions Virtual Office Assistant.

TransVisionary Solutions, a U.S. based firm, is a contact center and transaction processing services provider that delivers high quality Information Technology (IT) Enabled Services and Virtual Office Assistants are highly qualified office workers, and since they are part of the TransVisionary Solutions’ team, you do not have to pay matching social security, workmen’s compensation, insurance, holidays, vacations, sick pay or any of the other employee costs you are be burdened with. Furthermore, It is not like Manpower or Kelly Girls because it rates are much lower. The Virtual Assistant does not work in your office; he uses their modern computers and equipment. Communication is handled by email and telephone.

Other Services Offered by TransVisionary Solution’s

Call Center Services

Data Entry Services

Transportation Services

Financial Services

Software Development


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