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Posted on: May 26, 2009

Project Accounting Service

If you have a proper view of cost and revenue of every project, it is much easier to make strategic decisions and handle variances.It expense management or project accounting services can help you do just that. It can help you decide whether any project is running at a loss or whether a new customer is eligible for a long term commitment. Project accounting helps you to get a detailed overview of the project. It even compares the actual expenses with the budget.

Project accounting services help to:
• Maintain a proper control over the project flow
• Effectively utilize resources
• Assure proper and accurate billing processes
• Streamline processes
• Save on cost and time

Every project is expected to deliver a very high margin, but you need to control the expenses. If it do not keep a tab on the expenses, then the chances of exceeding the budget is very high. If that happens, the profitability goes completely haywire. If the project and the company are very small, then you can expect to use manual systems to keep the cost under control. But once the project attains huge proportions, you will need a good project accounting software to keep track. It makes practical sense to delegate project accounting services instead of investing in expensive software yourself.

There are various benefits by delegating your project accounting services to TransVisionary Solutions

 Less TAT
 Security and confidentiality
 Experienced staff
 Extensive reporting


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