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Audio transcription -speech to text conversion

Posted on: June 18, 2009

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Audio transcription or speech to text conversion includes conferences, interviews, focus groups, seminars, meetings, lectures, legal depositions, radio broadcasts, TV talk shows, etc., transcribed from voice files to text format.  These services are useful for media and other public relations companies, publishing companies, law firms and academic institutions that need speech transcribed to text.

Audio transcription services is a powerful tool to converting any kind of voice files, tapes, diskette into text version as per your business needs. Moreover, today most of business, organization, individuals or group of individual required these kinds of audio transcription services.

The transcribed document is edited to make the output flow. Habits of speech (for example “Hmmm”), repetitions, and other unnecessary words are removed.

Speech to text conversion projects that are more than five hours of audio time can cost much lesser than smaller projects.  Depending on these variables, cost can vary by as much as 50 percent.

Advantages of Audio transcription

  • Speed of Services
  • Easy
  • Cost effective

Audio Transcription Services can be used in:-

  • Media professionals
  • journalists
  • Financial firms
  • legal firms
  • law firms
  • Lawyers
  • Book authors
  • researchers, online blogger and students
  • University
  • Immigration judges
  • Publishing organization
  • Estate agents
  • Small business
  • Market research organizations
  • Other public relation companies

You can also get in touch with TransVisionary Solutions for Audio Transcription Services


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