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An Overview about Flash

Posted on: July 7, 2009

Plasma Ball

Today there are millions of websites today. Most of the websites doesn’t attract people because of their poor designs, contents…etc. After the introduction of Flash in 1996 most of them started to use in their website.

Websites designed with flash have a tendency to stand out and look much better than others sites which don’t use flash. Flash Websites makes the websites flashy and creative.

Those who don’t have much knowledge about flash must be wondering what is flash all about??

Here is it!!

Flash is a program that is usually used by website developers to create Flash files. Basically, Flash allows developers to create animations on their web pages.

Flash is a tool for creating interactive and animated Web sites

Before learning Flash you should know about the basics of WWW, HTML and the basics of building Web pages
How Flash works with HTML

When you create a Flash movie, you have a file with the .fla file name extension (on the Windows platform). The FLA file format can then be converted and compressed into a SWF (pronounced “swiff”), which is then inserted into the HTML code using the <OBJECT> tag (for Internet Explorer) or the <EMBED> tag (for Navigator) to display in the browser. When the browser encounters the SWF file, the Flash plug-in is used to display the Flash movie in the browser.

Thus, the only HTML code on which Flash relies is the <OBJECT> and <EMBED> tags.

Some sites are created entirely with Flash, while others use Flash to provide simple animation such as navigation menus and rollover effects. Therefore, while Flash does not rely on HTML, the two technologies can co-exist and complement each other.

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