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Best way of communicating people

Posted on: July 21, 2009

What is   Web conferencing?

Web conferencing allows people to communicate through text and video in addition to audio. The simplest web conferencing methods use chat and instant messaging programs to host text-based group discussions. More sophisticated programs exchange visual information with webcams and streaming video. Some allow people to share documents online.

Companies can either purchase conferencing software and host their meetings themselves or use a hosting service. Hosting services provide the software and server space on which to conduct meetings. Either way, the company or the hosting service must have software to coordinate the meeting and ample server space and bandwidth to accommodate it.

Web conferencing programs combine tools already common to web pages and Internet communication. They bundle these tools into one interface to create an interactive meeting environment. These tools include:

  • HTML, XML and ASP markup
  • Java scripts
  • Flash animation
  • Instant messaging
  • Streaming audio and video

In general, every online presentation or meeting has a moderator and attendees. The moderator sets the time and date of the meeting, prepares the content and makes sure everything works properly before the meeting begins. Attendees can either view the presentation without giving feedback or can collaborate, based on the settings and capabilities of the programs. Often, moderators can record the presentation for later viewing and can pass their moderator capabilities to attendees during the meeting.


1 Response to "Best way of communicating people"

Equally important to understanding web conferencing is choosing a provider that makes it easy to use. One provider in particular stands out to me — iLinc. Not just for their pricing, which is highly competitive, but for the features. There’s email invites, reminders, recording capabilities, email followups, participation meters, etc. Though what I am MOST impressed with is the Green Meter — it actually calculates FOR YOU how much carbon you’re saving through these virtual meetings. You can try it for free at

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