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How do we choose the right data management outsourcing company?

Posted on: August 5, 2009

It is very hard to keep track of all the data that surfaces in any business. In the past we had to deal with paper and large archives that took up a lot of space and a lot of time when you had to go through them. Nowadays we have computers and everything is stored on hard disks or special back up storage drives. The general feeling is that it is a lot easier and everything should be a lot faster but few people understand that technology is not perfect. We have two main problems that can appear: data loss and improper data management.

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Data loss can be caused by many factors. It is the responsibility of the company to make sure this never happens. You usually do this by using periodic back-ups and having copies of every single bit of data you have. Improper data management usually leads to time loss caused by not finding what you need or data that is accessed difficultly.

We choose data management outsourcing in order to save money but we must do it right. There are hundreds of companies that are currently involved in providing such services. We do not want to lose money, data or time. Everything is important. How do we choose the right data management outsourcing company?

First off, we have to consider costs. Outsourcing does offer a great price but we must be careful. In most situations if the price is too low we are talking about bad services or a lack of some services we need. We must save money but if an offer is too good to be real then it probably isn’t. Be careful about how much money you would have to pay. Then, look at what is offered. We are talking about the package you get. You do not simply want data management. You surely need data protection, back up and basically the certainty that everything is safe. In the past when the archive caught fire you were left with nothing. Nowadays if data is lost through malicious programs, lack of back up or even fire we get the same results as in the past. Make sure you get protection as well data management.



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