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Mostly Used HTML Meta Tags…

Posted on: September 14, 2010

You may have heard talk of HTML meta tags on the Web, most likely in connection with search engines. This is because one of the common uses of meta tags is to give search engines additional information about your web page when they index it. In fact there are over 200 different types of “meta-information” that you can place in your Web page with the aid of the HTML meta tag.

What does a meta tag look like?

Meta tags go inside the <head></head> element of your Web page, and take the following format:

Either:      <meta name="name" content="content">	

Or:          <meta http-equiv="name" content="content">

So, which should you use? Well, it depends on what type of meta tag you’re using. The reason is a little boring, but basically http-equiv is designed for meta tags that emulate the equivalent HTTP header (e.g. "refresh" and "pragma"), whereas name is for all the rest (e.g. "author" and "description")….Click on to Read More..


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