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Internet has changed the way many businesses …

Posted on: July 1, 2012

It is well known that the internet has changed the way many businesses compete and operate. While most media attention is directed at either new industries and the most popular eCommerce websites, the World Wide Web has also impacted many smaller and lesser known companies, many which do not make the news headlines. However, since the vast majority of businesses are classified as small businesses, there is much to be learned from the way they go about the website design process.

The Picture Frame Guys is a typical example of a small business in an industry made up of many smaller players. This case study reviews this company’s efforts to become a leading eCommerce player through the development of a best-in-class website. The case study details the company’s search for a website design partner that could meet their current and future business requirements without breaking the marketing budget. This information may be helpful to other small businesses who have the ambition to grow their internet presence without spending vast sums of money.


Prior to the internet, the custom framing industry was one that was extremely localized. This was due to the fact that any given framing store’s potential market was limited to a few square blocks from the retail store’s location. The only way such a business could grow was either by attracting more customers to the same store or by opening new stores in other geographical markets. Both of these options presented significant challenges.

In the case of attracting new customers, a successful marketing campaign could only increase sales by 10% or 15% and only for a limited time. While this increase in sales would certainly be beneficial to the bottom line, it would have a limited benefit on long-term financial results as at some point all marketing campaigns come to an end….Read More…


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