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Creating a good call to action takes time and creativity. Imagine being able to come up with an amazing call to action within mere seconds – here’s how!

See what I did there? I just used a call to action (CTA) to hopefully peak some interest in what I have to share with you.

call to action

call to action

The truth is that as MARKETERS, we have to come up with hard and soft CTAs multiple times a day for product ads, content pieces, company assignments, and more. If you are like me, it can get very tiresome trying to rack your brain for creative ways to pitch something that hopefully turns into action over and over again…Call To Action

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Logo Color

Logo Color

If you ask me, do we really need SEO Test/ Audit for a Website? I would definitely say a big “YES”.

SEO Testing is one of the important ways to improve your Web Application Quality.SEO Audit / Test should be added as a process along with the Web Application Development Process, at least in the Technical Part.

Generally While doing SEO Test we will be able to analysis and test issues about URL Structures, How User Friendly are the URL Structures, Navigating Issues, Domain Name History Issues, Duplications, 301 Re-directions, URL canonicalization’s, Status code issues like 400, 404, 500 etc, Site accessibility, HTML Mark Up Issues, Site Architecture, Flash-JavaScript Navigation Issues etc, which may not be found through Web Based Testing.

Some of the Web Application Testing Tools Used

  • Web Based Testing Tools
  • Load and Performance Test Tools
  • Link Checkers
  • HTML Validators
  • Free On-the-Web HTML Validators and Link Checkers
  • PERL and C Programs for Validating and Checking
  • Cross-browser testing tools/services
  • Web Functional/Regression Test Tools
  • Web Site Security Test Tools
  • External Site Monitoring Services
  • Web Site Management Tools
  • Log Analysis Tools
  • Mobile Web/App Testing Tools
  • Java Test Tools

SEO Tools


Web Application Testing Template

Web Testing


SEO Content Audit

SEO Content


Technical Audit

SEO Technical Audit


Difference B/W SEO Testing & Web Testing


S.NO SEO Testing / Audit Web Based Testing
1 Test as per the Search Engine Algorithms Test the Applications that are hosted on Web and Test whether the product is been correctly developed according to the requirements
2 No Specific Techniques Used, Tests whether the Applications are user & Search Engine friendly.


Use different techniques like Functionality, Usability, Interface, Compatibility, Performance Security…etc
3 It checks for Technical & Content Issues like URL Errors, Crawl Errors, HTML Errors, Broken Link Issues, Links, 301 Re-Directions, Duplications, Domain History Check, Back Link Analysis, canonicalization’s…etc.


It checks whether the application is running as per the user’s requirements and the user is able to access all the functionalities as per the requirements.
4 Tested after the Web Application is developed and Tested.


Tested While Application is being developed and After it’s developed.
5 Languages Used – HTML


Languages Used – .Net, VB, JAVA, PERL…ETC
6 Checks and helps to Create for the Online Reputation of the Application through Social Networks like FB, LinkedIn, Twitter…etc


Doesn’t Involve in Online Reputation
7 SEO Testing is done when the Web Application Performance through Online is not good and no conversions / business happening


Application is tested every time a new feature is added
8 Helps to improve in business point of View and increase the sales


Improves the quality of the Application


SEO Testing or SEO Audit can be done after Web Application is Tested and released live. It improves the quality of the Website both technical and content wise. SEO Testing is almost like a Web Based Testing which tests the website both from functional side and user side.

It’s good to do SEO Testing every month to track the Website performance and improve the quality of it….Keep Reading my blog for more updates








Google has released its long-awaited map app for the iPhone. And it delivers all the expected features: voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, traffic, public transit, Street View and so on.

It’s better than Google Maps for Android because it has been built or rebuilt “from the ground up” and didn’t grow by accretion. The bottom line: it delivers. Yet it’s also not 100 percent satisfying (at least in my initial test). I’m not sure what I was expecting.

It’s not integrated with Siri. You can’t say “I need directions to San Francisco” and be taken to Google Maps, as you once could. Instead you’ll go to Apple Maps. You can however use Siri to launch Google Maps (“Open Google Maps”) and then conduct your local search or directions lookup.

It’s also not integrated with Google’s iOS search app or Google search results on the mobile web. When you click a map image in either case you’re taken to the mobile-browser version of Google Maps…Read More…

There has been recent Google Page Rank Update 2 August 2012 Google PR is very important for sites and blogs Google PR basically ranks a page on the basis of its backlinks and how authorative that link is And high Google PR may boost ranking of the site

Google page rank update happens after 3-4 months after previous update and Yes! It was 3rd page rank update of 2012 which was Google Page Rank Update 2 August 2012 Last Page Rank update was on 3 May

Few Tips to Increase your Page Rank

Here I am sharing some important tips to increase your page rank for next page rank update

  •                  Guest posting
  •                 Article marketing or Directory Submission
  •                 Blog commenting
  •                 Forum Posting
  •                 Submit Feed to Feed directories
  •                 Submit blog to Social bookmarking sites
  •                 Proper SEO structure
  •                 Register your domain for longer period (3-4) year
  •                 Don’t sell Links!

………………Read more tips here!


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WordPress have many plugins which makes blogging easy and interesting

Some of them are:-


All in One SEO Pack Pro is a simple to use, yet massively powerful SEO plugin for your WordPress site or blog.

Google Analyticator

Google Analyticator easily adds Google Analytics tracking support to a WordPress-powered blog. Google Analyticator also comes with an easily customizable widget that can be used to display specific information that is gathered by Google Analytics using the Google Analytics API.


Adding a high quality photo gallery is one of the best ways to give your WordPress blog a more professional look and feel and your visitors a more satisfying visual experience.

SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate is a powerful all-in-one SEO plugin, available free for WordPress bloggers. Take control of your on-page SEO with user-friendly settings and tools for optimizing your titles, meta data, robots tags, canonicalization, autolinks, post slugs, and much more

Fire Stats

FireStats allow you to easily track access to your WordPress blog…….

Automatically sends a follow-up email to anyone who leaves a comment at your blog, thanking them for taking the time to comment and encouraging follow up visits……


With built in Captcha functionality and no need to mess around with templates, FSCF is a simple way to add a fantastic contact form. The options page is a little uninviting, but it hides a wealth of settings to customize functionality, including a meeting scheduler……………

Web Design is the most important part of a Website; Web Designs not only give liveliness to websites but also increase your business, sales & Traffic and also plays an integral part of your companies’ promotional and marketing strategy Web Design and Applications involve the standards for building and Rendering Web pages, including HTML, CSS, Flash and other technologies for Web Applications

Some Benefits of having a good Web Design

• promote small business world wide

• reduce Marketing expenses

•More sales

• search engine visibility

There are always two basic people involved in creating a website, they are the web designer and web developer, web designer is involved in the designs, layout, and visual aspect of a website and web developer is involved in the development part of a Website Some of the Companies which offer best Web Design Services like WebOriginate…etc,

WebOriginate brings together a talented and experienced team of web designers, web programmers and content writers, working together to create appealing and informative websites for your business. WebOriginate specialize in rapidly setting up your company’s website design online presence, providing essential information to your existing and future customers and increasing your visibility in today’s competitive market. With the talent to create attractive designs and support you with professionally written content, our web design team goes the extra mile by holding your hand every step of the way! We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly and easily present a professional and responsive online presence for your business!..Click here for more Details..


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