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Creating a good call to action takes time and creativity. Imagine being able to come up with an amazing call to action within mere seconds – here’s how!

See what I did there? I just used a call to action (CTA) to hopefully peak some interest in what I have to share with you.

call to action

call to action

The truth is that as MARKETERS, we have to come up with hard and soft CTAs multiple times a day for product ads, content pieces, company assignments, and more. If you are like me, it can get very tiresome trying to rack your brain for creative ways to pitch something that hopefully turns into action over and over again…Call To Action

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If you ask me, do we really need SEO Test/ Audit for a Website? I would definitely say a big “YES”.

SEO Testing is one of the important ways to improve your Web Application Quality.SEO Audit / Test should be added as a process along with the Web Application Development Process, at least in the Technical Part.

Generally While doing SEO Test we will be able to analysis and test issues about URL Structures, How User Friendly are the URL Structures, Navigating Issues, Domain Name History Issues, Duplications, 301 Re-directions, URL canonicalization’s, Status code issues like 400, 404, 500 etc, Site accessibility, HTML Mark Up Issues, Site Architecture, Flash-JavaScript Navigation Issues etc, which may not be found through Web Based Testing.

Some of the Web Application Testing Tools Used

  • Web Based Testing Tools
  • Load and Performance Test Tools
  • Link Checkers
  • HTML Validators
  • Free On-the-Web HTML Validators and Link Checkers
  • PERL and C Programs for Validating and Checking
  • Cross-browser testing tools/services
  • Web Functional/Regression Test Tools
  • Web Site Security Test Tools
  • External Site Monitoring Services
  • Web Site Management Tools
  • Log Analysis Tools
  • Mobile Web/App Testing Tools
  • Java Test Tools

SEO Tools


Web Application Testing Template

Web Testing


SEO Content Audit

SEO Content


Technical Audit

SEO Technical Audit


Difference B/W SEO Testing & Web Testing


S.NO SEO Testing / Audit Web Based Testing
1 Test as per the Search Engine Algorithms Test the Applications that are hosted on Web and Test whether the product is been correctly developed according to the requirements
2 No Specific Techniques Used, Tests whether the Applications are user & Search Engine friendly.


Use different techniques like Functionality, Usability, Interface, Compatibility, Performance Security…etc
3 It checks for Technical & Content Issues like URL Errors, Crawl Errors, HTML Errors, Broken Link Issues, Links, 301 Re-Directions, Duplications, Domain History Check, Back Link Analysis, canonicalization’s…etc.


It checks whether the application is running as per the user’s requirements and the user is able to access all the functionalities as per the requirements.
4 Tested after the Web Application is developed and Tested.


Tested While Application is being developed and After it’s developed.
5 Languages Used – HTML


Languages Used – .Net, VB, JAVA, PERL…ETC
6 Checks and helps to Create for the Online Reputation of the Application through Social Networks like FB, LinkedIn, Twitter…etc


Doesn’t Involve in Online Reputation
7 SEO Testing is done when the Web Application Performance through Online is not good and no conversions / business happening


Application is tested every time a new feature is added
8 Helps to improve in business point of View and increase the sales


Improves the quality of the Application


SEO Testing or SEO Audit can be done after Web Application is Tested and released live. It improves the quality of the Website both technical and content wise. SEO Testing is almost like a Web Based Testing which tests the website both from functional side and user side.

It’s good to do SEO Testing every month to track the Website performance and improve the quality of it….Keep Reading my blog for more updates








Google is moving fast and algorithms improve rapidly. It’s not easy keeping up with the latest in SEO, so I asked the top SEOs of our industry what we should do more of in 2012, and what we should stop doing.






Enjoy these 2012 SEO tips!

1. What Is Your Best SEO Tips For 2012?

Rand Fishkin

Move outside of classic, old-school SEO. If you’re sticking to keyword research and targeting with a dose of site accessibility and link building, you’re almost certainly going to lose out to someone who’s broadened to include content marketing, viral product incentives, email, social media, conversion rate optimization and branding as part of their online marketing efforts. The power of combining tactics and reaping the benefits of overlapping marketing practices is insanely awesome…Read More

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With our extremely talented team, we will help create for your company attractive & professional looking website, also with the help of professionally written content, your website will be world wide web standard !!!!

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Basic mobile SEO

There is a notion that mobile SEO is a separate branch of SEO. While there are slight differences between both concepts, the two processes have a similar goal: to help websites rank in search engine results and dominate their respective niches.







The first thing you should keep in mind when doing mobile SEO is that the process is still based on traditional SEO principles. The proper usage of keywords, tags, and anchor links is as important for mobile websites as it is for regular websites. However, you should remember that mobile search engines often consider a site’s speed and its ability to be rendered well on a particular phone.

Creating a mobile version of your site and venturing into mobile SEO can help you capitalize on the growing mobile Web user population. Businesses and companies are at risk of losing revenue when they take mobile SEO for granted. With smartphones and tablets selling like hotcakes these days, there’s no reason for you not to take advantage of the trend and enjoy success for your business…Click on for more

Why SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for any publically facing web-site.  A large percentage of traffic to sites now comes from search engines, and improving the search relevancy of your site will lead to more user traffic to your site from search engine queries (which can directly or indirectly increase the revenue you make through your site).

ASP.NET 4 SEO Improvements

ASP.NET 4 includes a bunch of new runtime features that can help you to further optimize your site for SEO.  Some of these new features include:

  • New Page.MetaKeywords and Page.MetaDescription properties
  • New URL Routing support for ASP.NET Web Forms
  • New Response.RedirectPermanent() method

Click on to read more……..


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